Pessimism Essay

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[Name] [Professor’s Name] [Subject] [Date] What makes a pessimistic brain tick? Where to draw the line? How to live in a universe that is constantly putting us at odds? By blindfolding our eyes? Deceiving ourselves, hoping for something good to pop out of nowhere? By “Bucking the Odds” or by working towards a more substantial, a more realistic end? By looking for answers and working out a solution based on probability. I would say it is rather futile to go looking for something that your eye cannot see, that doesn’t even exist in your present and might not even be there in the future. Defying the odds, hoping, gives solace only for the moment. Being prepared to confront the odds is what gets us there! No? Well let’s get through the discussion and see for ourselves. Pessimists and realists aren’t always negative. They are practical, logical and more alive to every second of their lives. Call them sensitive but that is like a cherry on top of an already delicious dessert. How so? Well, this cherry topping bestows them a better perception of reality, a better observation and definitely a better outlook on life. They don’t believe or gamble. They do the math! An optimist might call the glass half full and probably be satisfied but the pessimist will see the glass half empty and will go out in search of more water in case a mishap happens. Looking forward to a bright horizon isn’t wrong but just looking for it isn’t right either. Optimism is a more visionary stance. I hope things will get better. But I am just hoping and making no effort towards its accomplishment. That’s where optimism is merely a pleasure to the brain, a sweet delight but once this day dream fades and there is no horizon what do you do? Sulk? Undergo depression pessimism?
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