Peru and It's Internal Conflict Essay

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Peru: Internal Conflict SEC/450 May 11, 2015 Internal Conflict Internal conflict is something that has plagued nations across the globe for centuries. No single nation is immune from internal conflict. In reality, all it takes is one opposing seed to be planted, and the roots will the spread like wild fire. The South American Country of Peru is no exception as they have been faced with internal conflict for over two decades. This internal conflict which some would call a civil war has claimed countless lives in the process, as well as disrupt the well being and effect the livelihood of much of the indigenous population. It seems as though, the opposing force to the Peruvian government, though Peruvian themselves are essentially terrorists as they have managed to spread fear and chaos throughout the nation. The following paper will discuss the diversity of the causes to this internal conflict, as well as the role if any, the UN as a peacekeeper had associated with this conflict. The diversity of causes 1980 saw the culmination of a revolutionary movement that lead to the start of what was an extremely deadly and atrocious internal conflict in Peru’s history. This movement was pioneered by a group of leftist revolutionaries who called their militia movement group “Sendero Luninoso,” which translates to the Shinning Path. According to the center for justice and accountability (2014), the founder of this group was a philosophy professor named Abimael Guzman. This group quickly gained strength in numbers with over 10,000 Peruvian national combatants who shared the same views of its founder. Its cause was not one of religious beliefs, or racial prejudice. The principle cause for this extremist group known as the Shinning Path was political. The belief motivating their

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