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Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment Luis Paredes Dr. Nicole Ortloff Strayer University BUS 302 May 30, 2013 Leadership Assessment A leadership assessment is the evaluation of an individual style and skills as a leader, also vary widely in their format, but they all ask workplace leaders to rate themselves in categories such as motivating others, setting examples and giving out career advice. To be a leader takes a lot from an individual, to be a successful CEO, which is one of the most important person when decisions have to be made for the benefit of the company, he/she will need to think in big, able to resolve problems, be proactive not waiting for problems to happen, CEOs should not wait for problems to appear, they should be able to create solutions to prevent them. If they are not capable to control them, they won’t be a good leader. The difference between a leader and a manager is that the leader would takes effective action to prevent and create situations before problems occur. (Brad, Kolar, May 11, 2013) Other functions of the CEOs are to be a decision maker, and be responsible for any consequences that can affect the company and the employees. I never worked for a big corporation, but I had a great experience with some general managers in the car business, but one in particular, his name is Michael Deer, he encourage me to be better every day, and the way he managed the company impacted me tremendously to the point that I was salesman of the month in several occasions. Mr. Deere is known as a person who has a positive attitude mind. He was always there when you need a help with your deals, he wasn’t the typical general manager that always find something negative to criticize you, and instead he was willing to help you to not make the same mistake again. For the way he was it was a pleasure to go to work every day without any kind of

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