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Siennaryca Sok English 4 May 18, 2011 Don’t Touch that towel! I think our school would benefit by investing in automatic motion-sensing hand dryers. I have several reasons for this. Students can get sick from the germ-infested paper towel dispensers we now have. There is also terrible waste when students continuously pull the lever, dispensing towels they don’t really need. First of all, this automatic hand dryer is very sanitary. Instead of pulling on a lever that has been touched by a larger of students, users can just stick their hands under the blow-dryers. No germs can get on then because there is nothing to touch. In addition, if we buy this automatic hand dryer, we can save the school budgets and trees. The money we save by not wasting paper towels can be for educational things, such as laying off these teachers that we need. As in day care. There are students out there who needs babysitters but cant afford it. If the electricity happens to go out, the hand dryer, like all electric appliances, will go out too. That is one bad thing, but we know the lights don’t go out that often. We will store extra paper towels in the custodians room for emergencies. So I think there is much to be said for this automatic motion sensing hand dryer. Administrators will be glad to know that absenteeism will be lowered. Money can be saved. Finally, if the trees could talk, they would probably shout for joy, knowing that a whole school is saving a forest. Lets install automatic hand dryers at our school as soon as

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