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The Out of Touch Party DAIDRIC D. YOUNG COMM/215- ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING November 20, 2012 Dr. SHEILA BASSOPPO-MOYO The Out of Touch Party The Republican Party has leaned so far to the right that as a whole they have lost connection with the most average American voter. Their positions on government health care, women’s reproductive care, education, immigration reform, and same sex marriage are all contrary to emerging thoughts of a young and new generation of voters. These views reflect a timeworn mentality that has to change if the GOP plans to make a return to power. Taking a closer look at these platform issues, the party has an uphill battle ahead of them. The GOP base tries to deter attention away from their prehistoric views on a women’s right to make choices about her body. High on the list of laws that the party wants to repeal is the Supreme Courts decision on Roe vs. Wade. The Republican representatives used anti-abortion language in platform speeches without little to any exceptions for the act of rape. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee in Missouri’s Senate race, embarrassed himself and incurred the ire of his party’s most politically attuned leaders last week when he claimed that a woman’s body has ways to naturally “shut down” a “legitimate rape,” thereby preventing conception (Kendall, 2012) . That statement sparked a movement amongst undecided and democratic women voters to get out and vote back in the president along with his health care plan that gives women the ability to control reproduction and to protect their sexual health. The education budget resolution put forth by the Republican Party will hinder the learning opportunities for children now and well into the future. Early education programs such as, the Head Start program was on top of the list for budget cuts. That would affect the kick start to learning that has been

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