Persuasive Writing: Ford vs Chevy Ford Is Better

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Are you looking for a truck well then your going to get shell shocked so to speak by every person saying that Chevy or ford trucks are better. The first thing you have to realize is that a lot of people are very biased to there favorite truck. So when you ask someone the big question which one is better people will tell you the one they like which might not be the best choice for you. Chevy trucks ride on there reputation from the past however, From all of the research I have done I have come to see that chevy just does not make as good of a product as ford does. Even though chevrolet trucks have a good reputation, ford is a better choice because they are better built and have more durable parts. The new 2015 ford F150 Has been tested harsher then any other pickup ever built It has been torture tested from the tires up. The suspension has been completely redesigned and is not only stronger but better comfort. The towing ratings have been raised by 1600 pounds which allows people to haul more payload. Also the front suspension is independent which means better off road capability. Along with better highway comfort and more control during emergency situations. Also the ford builds the F150 body panels out of Aluminum And that allows the truck to be lighter then anything else in its class along with the new ford ecoboost V6 twin turbo direct injection it allows best fuel mileage in its class Which is always a good thing to save gas. The body panels on the F150 are stronger then the stamped steel body panels that Chevy uses. Ford has designed and built what many experts say is the best truck that has been built. Also since the F150 has been America's best selling truck for the last 35 years I think that says something about there product. So when you are comparing trucks you know which one is the good truck and which one is just there. So because Chevy has a good

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