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Persuasive Speech Outline

  • Submitted by: ejevon
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV)
Yee Wvoon Yap

General Purpose: | To persuade |
Specific Purpose: | To persuade my listeners that CCTV should be placed in public locations inside UCO campus |
Central Idea: | CCTV should be placed in public locations inside UCO campus because it can enhance the security of the university. |

  I. Attention Material

  A. This is a CCTV [PowerPoint slide will be shown].
  1. CCTV is commonly used to improve the security of certain important places.
  2. CCTV should be placed in public areas in the campus like restaurant, library, Apple store, bookstore and so on.
I. Crime rate will be reducing within the campus.
A. The main function of CCTV is to record footage of a certain area or premises to ensure that no crime goes within them
1. It increases the chance of the thief being caught.
2. If the theft simply sees that there is a CCTV in the area, they will then automatically be less inclined to try and steel from that place.
3. Example: Laptop stolen inside library and Legends restaurant (interview from friends)

II. CCTV can help police in the investigations and consequently proving innocence.
A. If a camera system fails to prevent a crime from happening in the first place, it will hopefully still record enough of it that we can aid in the police investigation.
    1.This will then increases the chances of the theft being caught, which in turn will increase the chances of us getting our money or goods back and decreases the chances of a repeat offence.
B. CCTV should also be there to protect the staff.
    1. It can be used to prove that the staffs did not steel from a till for example preventing us from wrongly accusing them.
C. Example: Laptop got stolen in Legend restaurant while I was working that day.

III. CCTV in public areas does not violate privacy.
A. Public place is generally an area to which the publics have access by right, but not a place             when...

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