Persuasive Speech on Why You Should Play Video Games

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Persuasive Speech on Video Games Video games hold a major share of the entertainment market today, and our friend Jane McGonigal (2011) said (2011): “over a half billion people play at least 500million hours a day worldwide.” The benefits can range from better dexterity, learning how-to for specific tasks, and gaining other information, as well as accomplishing less stress. As the presenter much field testing has been performed in the goals and mechanics of these games, and much research has been conducted in the video-game market itself. The central idea is that while games are designed to be addicting, they are invaluable to us in our five-needs from the Maslow hierarchy of needs (up to achieving greater creativity and achievement in our lives), and it is easily possible to positively implement more gameplay in your lives through my action plan which will then visualize the benefits of games to you directly. We will now discuss some of the basic needs of games which appeal to us all. According to an article published from FoxNews (Nov. 2011): ‘“One mother said her 13-year-old son was so addicted to computer games he attended school only intermittently over the past two years and violently resisted attempts to remove him from the screen."He starts punching holes through the walls, throwing things around and threatening you ... all this has to do with the most addictive game 'World Of Warcraft,'" she said.’ This article is against addiction, so it must be mentioned that games may be addicting in nature and moderation is key for all of us, especially to balance how games may address our needs as college students. As seen in the video clip by Dave Chappelle, games such as Grand Theft Auto address our physiological needs such as sex, where one may be in a physical relationship for in-game benefits ranging on the game. Game developers allow us to physically own (buy

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