Persuasive Speech On Animal Experimenting Essay

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To persuade my audience to support animal experimentation. Introduction: Is using animals in medical research necessary? Some people would say yes, others would say no; but who’s right? No matter what one thinks or believes, this question still remains yet to be answered. Feeling sorry for the animals is definitely where it starts for people who don’t agree with animal experimenting, but that’s not where it ends. Using animals for testing help scientists figure out what will work and not work on humans. Also, using animals can help find cures faster and help prevent more human deaths. You or someone you know could be still alive thanks to one of these experimentations. Tonight, I would like to talk about first, the need of animal experimentation, second, why animal research is vital to medicine, (I will begin by telling you why animal experimentation is necessary) Body: 1. Experiments on animals are necessary in order to safeguard and improve human health and well-being. a. According to the article, “The Animal Rights Debate” by Carl Cohen and Tom Regan says the vaccines for diseases such as polio and malaria could not have been developed without animal testing. b. It also states that new vaccines are always dangerous. Testing them and testing many new drugs as well puts in risk the lives of the first experimental subjects, and trust me no one in this class would want to be put at risk. If medical researchers do not use animals, then what are our options? There are only two: They will use animals in such experiments, or they will not do those experiments at all. (Now I will continue telling you why animal research is vital to medicine) 2. Animal research is vital to medicine. a. According to the article “Animal Research is Vital to Medicine” by Jack Botting and Adrian Morrison, says that experiments using

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