Persuasive Speech: Destination Vaccination

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Regina Haney Speech 101 Instructor Maggie Woods 27 OCT 2010 Persuasive Speech Destination Vaccination: Specific purpose: To inform my audience of why vaccinating is necessary for all people young, old and in between. Central idea: Vaccinations are vital to all people. Adults need to make sure that children are safe from preventable diseases by making sure that all children are inoculated as scheduled by their physicians. Introduction I. Gain Attention: A personal story about my mother having Diphtheria and Pertussis. II. Relate Topic: The CDC states that some parents are choosing not to inoculate their children because there is no need to. They are wrong, the only reason that these diseases seem like they are gone is due to vaccinating young children.…show more content…
Transition: Yes, children today receive more vaccines than we did as kids. There are more immune deficient diseases now and people travel to places that do not receive vaccines; so more are needed to keep all people safe. II. Review main points: Vaccines are a public health miracle that we cannot afford to put at risk. III. Restate thesis: Vaccines will save the lives of our young by keeping them from getting preventative diseases, as well as our old, who may be more susceptible to illness because of lower immune systems. We need to take a stand as adults and learn about what was, years ago. And what could be again if we are not careful and educated. IV. I have learned how important it is to inoculate our young and to make sure all of my family is up to date on our vaccines. I hope you will look at your young family members and imagine pushing them around in a wheelchair as I pushed my mother in hers. Please be aware and please vaccinate. It will save lives and maybe the lives of your own children. bibliography Cristofani, Dr. Cynthia. Pediatric Intensivist OHSU. 27 April 2010. <>. Web
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