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Persuasive Speech Concerning The Draft Essay

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  • on May 2, 2011
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Garrison Commander
Bldg. 681
U.S. Military Academy
West Point, NY

Dear Colonel Tarsa,

The U.S. hasn’t used the draft since, 1973, since we changed to an all-volunteer military. Even though registration is still required for the draft, I think it should be kept to make sure we never lack enough power to protect our country. Although there will hopefully never be a time to constitute the use of the draft, it is a precaution that keeps us as a country safer. I realize the draft is back-up to the U.S. Armed Forces to provide manpower and to fill unoccupied volunteer slots. While people were only truly drafted in the mid 1900’s to fill vacancies, they did fight. The draft might be needed again simply to be pre-emptive. While some people argue that the draft is un-American, inhumane, and also possibly unconstitutional, I believe it is just the opposite. If the draft is truly needed to fill vacancies in volunteer slots, wouldn’t it be bad not to at least have people signed up for a draft? If we need a certain amount of servicemen and women, wouldn’t it be bad for our entire country’s safety by providing less than is needed to protect ourselves? The draft would provide the U.S. with a way to fill those vacancies if we ever needed to do so. The enlistment numbers in the academies are all at or above the projected percentage of desired annual recruits so the need for a mass draft is unnecessary, but as of now, it is still part of the law to register for the draft even though some people find it unconstitutional and possibly barbaric.
        In 2009, the Department of Defense announced its recruiting statistics for the fiscal year of 2009. The academies and reserves projection for voluntary admission was at its lowest for the Air Force and Marines with 100% of the projected recruits. This number peaked at 122% in the Marine Reserves. In total, between all the branches and their reserve programs in the fiscal year of 2009, 296,505 people were recruited into...

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