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In fact chewing gum really is a great thing to allow at schools. So if people want to improve students’ ability to do better in school, gum-chewing should be encouraged, rather than prohibited. Chewing gum it is a good. FACT AND EXAMPLES: Sugared gums can with heavy use cause tooth decay, gum disease and cavities. Kidney problems If the cavities in your teeth are filled with mercury fillings, frequent chewing of gun may cause their dislodging and releasing of this dangerous material in your metabolism. The most common target of mercury is blood, urinary tract, nerves and brain. Main Reason1: This problem can easily be solved by teaching students the proper methods of chewing and gum disposal and can be reinforced by taking the privilege away from those students who cause problems. FACT AND EXAMPLES: Stomach issues that can appear in those situations are irritation, aches, and aggravated gastritis. In some cases, you can even develop gastric ulcer! FACT AND EXAMPLES: Social distraction In many modern cultures, people have accepted that chewing a gum in some social environments (public areas, school, workplace, etc.) is distracting and irritating. Please consider what social effects your chewing gum will cause in the people around you. Main Reason3: Some say that gum is unhealthy and is not good for you. Main Reason2: Not everyone is in favor of allowing gum chewing at school. For ages, chewing gum represented popular pastime that was used all over the world. From the prehistoric men and women who chowed lumps of tree resin for enjoyment, Ancient Greeks who used tree resin to clean their teeth and freshen their breath.When I am at school, I witness many students looking sleepy or wanting to fall asleep. The solution to this predicament is gum. According to a scientific study by

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