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Persuasive Speech Outline Steven Williams Introduction: I. Steroids are prevalent in all major sports and gaining popularity in high school athletics II. Many youths view steroids as the “edge” over competition III. Have you as athletes been tempted to use pharmaceutical alternatives to achieve success IV. I will prove these three things about steroids: 1. Steroids provide temporary solutions. 2. Steroids have life altering side effects. 3. Steroids are cheating and offer and unfair advantage. Body: I. Steroids provide temporary solutions. A. Long term strength goals prove more effective. 1. A certified strength and conditioning coach is the best approach. 2. Nutrition and strength go hand in hand B. Steroid gains are not natural. 1. Natural testosterone and muscle mass go hand in hand. 2. Strength and fitness is achieved through education. II. Steroids have life altering side effects. A. Physical side effects are first to arise. 1. Acne and skin conditions are common. 2. Chronic joint pain is prevalent. B. Mental side effects are bound to appear. 1. Depression is very common in steroid users. 2. Anger and altered moods are often evident. III. Steroids are cheating and offer and unfair advantage. A. Steroids give the user unnatural strength. 1. Steroids allow the user to workout longer. 2. Steroids allow the user to recover faster. B. Steroids increase red blood cell counts. 1. Steroids greatly increase testosterone levels. 2. Steroids Increase VO2 max output Conclusion: I. Steroids may help the young athlete make the jump but gains are only temporary II. Steroids although my appear beneficial, offer many negative side effects some are irreversible. III. Every athlete seeks the competitive edge but steroids provide an unfair and illegal
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