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Persuasive Speech – Motivated Sequence General Purpose: to pursue Specific Purpose: to persuade my audience to become an organ donor Central idea: by becoming an organ donor you can be part of saving lives for people who are in need for a new organ to be able to live. Introduction I. Ana M. was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with a kidney disease. By the age of ten she had already two surgeries trying to prolong the function of her own kidneys. But her kidney function has deteriorated constantly and by the age of 13 she needed kidney transplant. Her name was added to the long list of persons waiting for a kidney to be available. She is now 15 and still on the list, starting dialyses. Her life changed completely when she started dialyses, the process in which her blood is cleaned with the help of a machine, because her body retains the entire waist which a normal person eliminates through the normal kidney function. Because of the dialyses schedule and the way she is feeling after dialyses, Ana cannot enjoy being a teenager anymore, she is not allowed to be involved in any sports because of her condition, she has to miss school a lot, she cannot see her friends very often. Her parents are not a matched so her only hope is a kidney available from a deceased donor or from another life donor. II. Can you imagine yourself having her life? Remember what were your main problems when you were 15 years old? To meet with friends, to have fun, to take your permit for driving? But Ana’s major concern is to survive until a kidney is available for her, if ever one will be available. Can you imagine the pain and concerns her parents are going through? III. Maybe this problem of organ donation is going to affect you one day or somebody you love. Imagine how Ana’s life can go back to a normal teenager’s life if an organ can be a match for her or if a person would be

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