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Intro: I. The US Navy is not responsible for the cost of an abortion for an Everett, Washington, woman whose fetus was missing part of its brain. A neural tube defect that causes fetuses to develop without a forebrain, cerebellum or cranium -- is fatal 100% of the time, with two-thirds of infants born without a heartbeat and only 2% surviving longer than seven days after birth, according to medical experts. II. Lisa Stone, who represented the woman, called the decision "irrational at best and cruel at worst" because it was indisputable that the fetus had no chance of survival. III. Many of you may know a woman that is either in the military or stationed with her spouse overseas. IV. Many people I am sure are not very familiar with the military stance on abortions. V. But I believe the United States government needs to lift completely or drastically change their current stance on abortion on military bases. Transition: It is rather surprising this policy exists when there are people who know about it and the problem it creates for women in the military, or who are stationed on a military base with their family. Body: 1. This policy can put women in danger that could have otherwise been avoided; it can also put rather drastic financial burdens on military families. A. By preventing women from obtaining an abortion at a U.S. military medical facility the health and safety of these women is compromised. 1. The ban is particularly devastating for those who are stationed overseas, for both servicewomen and military dependants. 2. When facing an unwanted pregnancy a women on a military base must either search for a local medical facility in the country they are stationed, if that country allows abortion; or travel to a country in which they can have an abortion. a. Even when abortion is

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