Persuasive Speech Essay

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ENGL113, Oral Communications
Persuasive Speech

Introduction: What is the meaning of life? What does every one of us want out of life? To sum it up I think that everyone will agree with me that it is simply, happiness. We just want to be happy. In all my trials of figuring out how I should live my life, what I believe in, and how to feel happy, time and time again without avail, this idea of helping others never fails to be the answer. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to get involved in their communities.

Central Idea: In searching for happiness most people think about themselves and what they desire, want, or need to make them happy. It doesn’t generally come to mind that if I help others in turn that will make me happy. In reality that is the answer. I believe that with no question.

Main Points: I. Volunteer II. Ways to get connected III. Get outside yourself

Audience Check: How much time do we waste on a daily basis thinking to ourselves, “What should I do today that I will enjoy?” or, “What can I do with myself that will make me feel better?” Well here’s one thing we can do. Get involved in the community.

I. Volunteering your time and skills.
A. Endless possibilities
1. Do you have set skills that are unique and can be helpful or useful to others?
2. Interested in helping children?
a. Tutoring
b. after school programs for children
c. boys and girls club
d. youth organizations Etc.

3. Local food pantry’s, shelters, soup kitchens
a. Helping the needy
b. Meet some interesting people
c. Help get over stigma of homelessness
d. Everyone has a story.

B. Want to experience something different?
1. Community theater
2. Historical restoration
3. Art gallery
4. Animal shelters

II. Get Connected? How do I figure it out? Where do I start?
A. The Internet!!!
1. Google the

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