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Imagine sitting down with your realtor filling out your paper work for your dream home, but your realtor tells you sorry your credit isn’t good enough, you do some research and find out you’re a victim of identity fraud. Ladies and Gentleman My Name Is Shay I’m here to discuss an important matter in today’s Society. Identity theft. With A Show Of Hands How Many Of You Are Aware Of what on Your Current Credit Report? With another show of hands how many people have there social sercity card on them now? Well guess what you are increasing your chance of becoming a victim of identity theft. identity theft is when a thief steals your personal information for self-gain. According to the FTC (federal trade commission) estimate tht as many as 10 million people have their identity stolen each year. Now I’m going explain to YOU… SLIDE SHOW Elderly and college students are gold mines for theive.The elderly are not as computer savy and college students tend to be irresopible with their information. Thieves steal information to; rent an apartment, obtain credit cards and loans, and establish utility services in a victim’s name. Identity theft is usually detected when the victim reviews their credit report or a credit card statement, and notices charges or accounts that they did not authorize In most cases, the victim is able to resolve the unauthorized access to their personal information with no problem, but in some cases,It could cost the vitcum m ore than just lawyer fee and court cost to prove your innocents. the vitcum now has other problems hassarament from collector, rejected for loans or even denied health insurance, because of the negative information posted on their credit history report. recovinrg is very expensive and time comsuming.A estimation from the ftc has found that its between 200-600 hours to recover financial health. In rare cases, victims are
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