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Persuasive Speech Have you ever went to a party store or gas station to get a snack? Teenagers like to do this because its cheap and the stores are close. Well you won't be doing this for long if the govenment has thier way. They want to raise the taxes on unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. They think raising taxes on junkfood will help obesity becuase not as many people will buy it. This is a bad idea, let me tell you why. The government has already tried this with tobacco products becuase they thought if they raised taxes on tabacco people would quit using them because they were too expensive. It didn't work though people just paid the extra taxes. Here are a few more reasons why its a bad idea. First of all, if they raised the taxes no one would be happy. Many people buy snacks and pop from stores, if taxes are raised they may stop buying them and the store would lose business. If they continue buying it they would lose money. Either way it goes, nothing good happens. If they stop buying it the store loses money, if they keep buying it they lose money. Either way it will effect the economy. Second of all, many teenagers like to go to party stores, gas stations, and fast food places to buy snacks and pop. If the govenment raises the taxes on it then the teens may stop going there. If this happens the store loses money and business. Then the store owners and customers are not happy and that may cause fighting among people and hate towards the government. Last of all, poor and homeless people sometimes rely on cheap unhealthy food to feed them and thier family. If the government puts taxes on it, homeless and poor people may not be able to eat so the government would have to feed them. Then the government loses money. The poor people may also start stealing so crime rate might increase. These are just a few of the reasons why

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