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Topic: Battered Women Organization I. Introduction/Attention a. Attention-getter – Short of breath, stumbling down the hall with a long white towel that’s now full of blood covering your mouth. You’re now gathering your clothes and your children are following behind you in agony. On the way to the hospital is now your destination 12 stitches to your mouth can be a horrible nightmare. b. Thesis – Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit organization located in Atlanta, GA that focuses solely on providing emergency service and shelter while working towards changing the system that enables violence through education and advocacy. c. Link to audience – Could it be you? Many of us may have experienced some source of violence even though it may not be your situation I am more than sure you may know a victim that experienced this harmful, powerful, haunting tragedy. Less than 20 percent of battered women sought medical treatment following an injury ( Gandoff, 1988) d. Preview – Today I am going to tell you what caused this organization to b. e created, secondly I will tell you more about the organization, and at last I will tell many ways you can help prevent physical assault on women to the best of your ability. Transition: Now that I have told you what I am going to inform you about I will now tell you why Women’s Resource Center is so significant for battered women. II. Body a. Main point/Need- For many women relationships are a bloody business. Violence in marriage is of course, not new, but despite the longstanding recognition of its prevalence, interest and concern has probably never been so intense. i. Support- Women who are beaten now have a place to go. Women’s Resource Center provides immediate and safe shelter for women that are being abused by their partners. The problem

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