Persuasive Speech Essay

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SPEECH 4: PERSUADE OBJECTIVE Persuade speeches should be powerful and dynamic. This is a higher level speech than speeches 1, 2 and 3. The objective of this speech is to effectively persuade your audience about a specific topic you have selected and researched. You will need to solidly establish speaker credibility for your audience. Provide at least three citations from a variety of sources (online, book, journal article, etc.) as evidence supportive of your specific purpose and main points. Establish your proof and appeal; and understand audience needs and motivation. Carefully consider fallacies in reasoning as you attempt to persuade your audience (O’Hair, Stewart & Rubenstein). Possible Themes: * Social issues that require change, e.g., hunger, poverty, racism abuse in all forms * The need for greater kindness, respect, and humanity in society * Immigration laws, bilingual education, border control * Respect for diversity in all its forms GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTS 1. Have the specific topic approved by the course instructor. 2. Do not manuscript read, but refer to notes as needed. 3. Read the assigned chapters. 4. Provide the full-sentence outline required for this, but also format the outline according to the selected pattern of organization for persuasion. 5. Decide your Argument, Evidence and Emotional Appeal: (see course textbook for information and examples) a. Claim of policy b. Claims of value c. Claim of fact d. Who will be your target audience? 6. Decide your pattern of Arrangement: (see course textbook for information and examples) e. Problem-solution f. Problem-cause-solution g. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (steps 1-5) h. Comparative advantage i. Refutation pattern 7. Indicate/cite your researched references during the speech
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