Persuasive Research Paper: Medical Marijuana

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Persuasive Research Paper: Medical Marijuana Persuasive Research Paper: Medical Marijuana Thesis: Medicinal marijuana needs to be legalized because it is overall less harmful to the human anatomy than prescription medicine, therefore it should be legalized and regulated in the same manner as prescription drugs. For many decades, Cannabis has been regarded as one of the means for committing felony of individuals in the society. The different part of the Cannabis plant, such as its stems, buds, and leaves, undergo a process of preparation, to produce marijuana. When inhaled, marijuana produces a number of negative effects in the biological system of the user, such as distorted perceptions or hallucinations, increased heart…show more content…
The many diseases and illnesses that could be helped treated by the marijuana would be detailed, including its after effects on the patients. In this sense, such benefits would be helpful to support the stand that medical marijuana should be legalized and regulated, as any other prescription drugs in the market. In order to further understand the different medicinal benefits of marijuana, it would be best to provide a glimpse of its use in the history of medicine in the ancient times. It has been reported that the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is nothing new, and has been used for millennia in the treatment of various medical conditions, with the earliest accounts of its use in China, India, and the Middle East. In later periods, it became an accepted medical remedy in Western countries, and found its way to the shelves in the pharmacies of the United States by the mid-19th century. The earliest recorded occurrence of the use of marijuana as a form of medical remedy dates back at least to the 3rd millennium BC, when the plant’s medicinal powers were…show more content…
Using either smoked marijuana or oral preparations of delta-9-THC (marijuana’s main active ingredient), researchers have conducted controlled studies. These studies demonstrate marijuana’s usefulness in reducing nausea and vomiting, stimulating appetite, promoting weight gain, and diminishing intraocular pressure from glaucoma. There is also evidence that smoked marijuana and/or THC reduce muscle spasticity from spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis, and diminish tremors in multiple sclerosis patients. Other therapeutic uses for marijuana have not been widely studied. However, patients and physicians have reported that smoked marijuana provides relief from migraine headaches, depression, seizures, insomnia, and chronic pain (135). In this regard, it can be understood that even in this generation, marijuana is still believed to be helpful in assisting the treatment of certain diseases. As such, in depth and more extensive research and study must be done in order to further support such claims. Moreover, recent studies have also supported the claims that marijuana can be used effectively in treating a number of diseases. It has been emphasized that one of the medical uses of THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol,

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