Persuasive Photography Essay

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Holly Smith Mrs. Eddington AP English Language and Composition 8-14-14 Persuasive Photography Photography is one of the many forms of art in the world, that expresses our feelings and attitudes of the land around us. Photography captures the magnificence of structure, form, and integrity that the Earth provides us, and leaves us with an everlasting reminder of what used to be. Photography does not limit our understanding of the world because we can capture evidence of what things used to be and bring them back in the future to tell what life used to be like before the current time. In photography, you can bring forth more information to further strengthen our intelligence of things that we were, possibly, not aware of before. Photography can also provide evidence against criminals, as it can capture evidence or their crime, which can help put them behind bars to keep our public safe from wrongdoings. In Sontag’s passage, she claims that photography limits our understanding of the world. I refute this idea because she says in the first sentence that “Photography implies that we know about the world if we accent it as the camera records it.” Most people will accept an idea even if it is on camera or not, such as those who jump to conclusions without the proper evidence. I do agree with some points, as she also says that a photograph can reveal absolutely nothing about some organizations, such as the Krupp works. She says that “Contrasting to the amorous relation, which is based on how something looks rather than how it functions.” Most people look on things based on how they look, as if something looks better, they will hardly judge it badly, but if something looks worse, they won’t accept it at all. I also agree with Sontag, based on the fact that a photograph contains no audio reference. If there is audio, it provides a better understanding of
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