Persuasive Paper: Why Students Need Less Homework

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Everyone goes to school, it is kind of a law, but the government does not make the teachers give the students homework each night. That is by the teacher’s own doing. So why would the teachers want to give the students homework after a long days work? There is no straight answer to this question only the answers that each individual teacher gives. But the problem isn’t that the teachers give it, the problem is that students have no time for studying and doing there homework. This essay will hopefully persuade you to realize why students need less homework and why they don’t have time for studying. Students come home from school and because of their heavy coursework, have to start their home work immediately. Because of this, the students cannot interact with their family as much and therefore the home lives of the students sometimes suffer. The students have to sit down at a desk for many hours a day which is not only tedious but also unhealthy. In this situation, homework is the center of a child’s life which overwhelms a student’s mind and makes it difficult for a student to have a social life. When teachers give too much homework and tests, the healthy lifestyle of a teenager in school goes down. Doctors recommend seven to ten hours of sleep a night and around two hours of home work, but when given more, the student cannot get the full ten hours of sleep and some students only get five hours of sleep, dependent on the time that the school starts. Some church activities are also held on a school night, but when a teacher gives to much homework, the student can not go to the religious activity. This is a major distress because a student might be suffering in his or hers spiritual life, why would a teacher want to keep a student away from God!!! Also, if the student wanted to do drama or a sport, they usually practice right after school for many hours. If the

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