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Persuasive Paper On Tattoos

  • Submitted by: almamartinez
  • on May 6, 2011
  • Category: English
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Alma Martinez
Public Speaking

Get a tattoo and show the world what you really stand for! When it comes to tattooing your body many people do it for various reasons whereas others have their reasons as to why they don’t get them.   Family, religion, beliefs, social standards, and self-fulfillment are among some of the reasons of both preparing and non-preparing the puncturing of skin with pigment changing for a lifetime. While some people are true believers and very ritual they follow their ancestors and mark their body for blessing a new addition to the family, the death of a family member, to scare evil spirits, or to transition from childhood to adulthood. On the other hand, many people chose not to get “tatted up” because it’s a sin and wish to leave out this world the way they were brought into this world which is with no ink.
In conclusion, many people have their ways of thinking and what they stand for. As we found out, there are similarities between the two such as religion and self acceptance. In my case, I am for tattoos and pursued both of them because of my daughter and myself standards. I feel you have the right to express yourself with body art if you chose and its nobody else’s choice but yours. So go get a tattoo and show what you stand for!!!      

I used the aroused approach….capture audience attention and focus on a problem          
  I. Defining the term tattoo
  II. Why people get tattoos
      a. Self expression
      b. Pride
      c. Overcoming obstacles
  III. Religious reasons?
      d. Tribal ritual
      e. Defiance to societal standards
      f. sinful
  IV. Social standards
      g. Criminal activity
      h. Family ranking
      i. High class royalty
  V. Self-fulfillment
      j. Gain prestige
      k. Power
      l. Transition in life
  VI. Why people are against tattoos
      m. Religion
      n. Too rebellious
      o. Less attractive
  VII. Statistics


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