Persuasive Paper on Internet Censorship

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Big Brother on the Internet By definition, the act of censorship is the examination of any books, television program or internet for the sole purpose of suppressing content deemed inappropriate on moral or political grounds. Censorship threatens an individual’s right and ability to articulate themselves without restriction. However, censorship is an activity that the government practices daily as a mandate. There are many positive and negative aspects of censorship. Internet censorship may block harmful information that damages human society such as websites promoting hate and anti semitism. On the contrary, internet censorship may also block pertinent information which may include historical or secret documents that the government does not release to the public. The internet should be a place where all information can be accessed, both good and bad because this practices the freedom of speech right. Freedom of speech can be enlightening and inspirational as well as vulgar and obscene. It is up to man and society to choose how they want to exercise their freedom of speech. Do not let Big Brother evaluate the meaning of freedom of speech. The government should not enforce any kind of internet censorship. Believe it or not, the government does have the power to regulate and monitor the internet. This is an issue present not only within the U.S. government but also in many other parts of the world. As technology advances, there is an increase in internet usage from country to country. With an increase in internet activity, the use of internet censorship becomes more prevalent. In the United States, it is a law for school and library computers from K-12 to have internet filtering put in place. Social filtering is a popular and highly accepted form of censorship. A few instances of social filtering include the restriction of gambling websites, gay and lesbian
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