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------------------------------------------------- ASSIGNMENT 4: PERSUASIVE PAPER PART 2: SOLUTION AND ADVANTAGES November 23, 2014 English 215 Professor Weslea Bell Erica L. Smith November 23, 2014 English 215 Professor Weslea Bell Erica L. Smith In 2001 President Bush presented the “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001”. He wanted to emphasize equal access to education and establish high standards and accountability. While in office, President Bush intentions were good however the Act itself has raised many issues and concerns with parents. Even though we all share the common goal, which is to better educate our youth, we must look more into depth regarding the pros and cons of the “No Child Left Behind Act”. The Act hinders our children, effects the ethics and morals of the school system, and our economy (Eugene Hickok, 2002). The thesis statement is the argument of demands of the reform “No Child Left Behind” have resulted in insufficient provision and implementation of services for special needs students in “failing” schools. The “No Child Left Behind Act” affects many, but perhaps the most affected are the children. The law was enacted to improve our children’s academic achievement, yet it has hindered them. Our children go to school 180 days out of the year and in those days they are expected to learn the necessary tools to help them be successful in the next grade level and in life. The Act raises concerns because it allows children to be promoted to the next grade level without meeting the requirements of the grade level they are currently in. This along is a major problem because how can we expect our children to master any grade level and they never mastered the skills in the prior grade. Issues like this will always affect our children forever. They will have to work extra harder to catch up

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