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Persuasive/Argument Assignment: For this assignment you will need to choose from one of the prompts below and then complete one of the activities described below… PROMPTS: 1. Select a “secondary” character (Banquo, Macduff, Malcolm) and analyze the way in which he or she serves as a foil to a central character and thus help to expand your understanding by contrast. (A foil is a character who enhances another through contrast). You could also theoretically use Lady Macbeth as a secondary character to Macbeth. 2. Does power corrupt automatically? Apply this famous expression to the events and characters in Macbeth. You can focus on a single character or several. You may take the position that it always corrupts, never corrupts, or sometimes corrupts, but be sure to provide textual support. 3. Is Macbeth a tragedy of fate or of character? In determining your position on this, consider whether the witches play a central or collateral role in shifting the ambitions and actions of the play’s characters. Assignment Choices: 1. Select one of the prompts to serve as the basis for a persuasive essay. Take a firm stance on the prompt and write a 5-paragraph, double-spaced essay supporting your position. Make sure that you have a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction and clear topic sentences in each body paragraph that provide arguments in support of your thesis. Be sure to provide textual support to buttress each of your claims. 2. Select one of the prompts to serve as the basis for a persuasive PowerPoint. Take a firm stance on the prompt and create a 10 slide PowerPoint supporting your position. You should have an introductory and conclusion slide, as well as 8 body slides showing material from the play to support your thesis/argument. 3. There are several programs on the internet that allow you to make posters, animations, etc.

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