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Persuasive Paper Part 3: Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals Farrah Bridges Professor Neil Conway English 215 March 16, 2014 Juvenile Crimes should be treated as Adult Crime From the time a child is born they are being taught something. As time goes on that child gets older. All of the good and the bad things that they see is due to watching how their parents are. Listening and repeating what they see on television. Copying what a classmate does in class that they may have felt was funny. Some children will mimic evil things and become so upset with a person which may cause that child to hold a grudge. Finally, before they know it, one may commit a violent crime as a minor from being upset with someone. Just because a person is under a certain age, does age control the consequence behind the violent act that some minors have committed? After researching minors committing violent crimes the history that I found is pertaining to the age that a child is when they decide to commit these crimes. The environment that a child lives in plays a huge role. What goes on in their home with their parents might make the crime be logical to them. Poverty will allow one to become depressed because they are not able to have the finer things in life. I feel that the current status of the juvenile crime has not really changed since it started. People want to be heard and stand up for their child after a crime is committed but it is only so much that you can do. No one really wants to put their most valuable assets up on the hopes that their child may do the same thing and go back to jail. It is hard enough to help the ones that you love but they have to love themselves as well. The first problem with juvenile violence is having behavior problems early in their life. “The early age of onset for these disorders is usually related to a system of

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