Persuasive Essay: The Ongoing Gun Debate

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The Ongoing Gun Debate Steven Webb Axia College of University of Phoenix On the morning of April 20, 1999 one of the worst American tragedies occurred in Columbine, Colorado. The time was approximately 11:19 a.m., when the massacre began at Columbine High School. which in the end claimed 15 lives, which included the two shooters, and injuring 20 others (Wikipedia 2009). This was not an act committed by individuals from other countries trying to send a message but by two young men of our own culture. Shortly after, people began questioning who was accountable for this heinous act. One of the first things to be blamed was the firearms involved and how they were acquired. Could this have been prevented? Could tougher gun laws saved these…show more content…
Much like the two main groups (pro and anti gun control) the government has groups that try to pass tougher laws on firearms and groups that oppose these regulations. These groups tend to be split by the two major parties in our government, the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats have historically been known to back gun control. However, in the recent years they have backed down on their hard lined stance with issues like terrorism and the attacks on this country. This is in part because the people of this country have backed down and feel like they have the right to protect themselves. The Republicans have been largely known to back the pro gun movement. They have the backing of the Nation Rifle Association, which is a powerhouse in this debate. The NRA also plays an impact when in it comes to electing officials. That being said, both sides take a stance on this issue to get votes by invoking this…show more content…
(2009). Firearms and Crime Statistics. Retrieved July 29,2009 from Axia College Material Appendix G Peer Review Checklist* |What is the main point of this paper? | It appears that the main point of this essay is to show that even with gun | | |control or even stricter gun control, people can still find firearms and use them to | | |kill. | | | | | | | | | | |What is the greatest strength of this paper?| The strength of this paper is showing both sides of the argument, but some | | |interesting information about Switzerland and the down ward trend of incidents with

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