Persuasive Essay: Should Pitbulls Be Banned?

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According to my research, there seems to be no clear evidence society can solely place all the blame on one particular breed of dog, the Pit Bull. Banning a particular breed will not solve the overall problem considering what statistics show how dog bite fatalities are rare and account for just one in 167,000 deaths per year. In today’s society, Pit Bull’s are gaining unsurmountable blame for the amount of attacks on humans both non-fatal and fatal. There is a growing concern, which is leading to the consequences of banning of those that own a Pit Bull. In 1989, the Denver City Council enacted an ordinance making it. “unlawful to own, possess, keep, exercise control over, maintain, harbor, transport, or sell any pit bulls within the city”(Kory 1). The City Council…show more content…
Perhaps placing higher home or renters insurance rates be proposed? Responsibly muzzling the dog at all times, if there is that chance he/she may attack in a vicious manner? Also, the idea of obtaining a special license, that shows you have the proper training and knowledge of owning a Pit Bull, especially if one wants to adopt. It needs to be the responsibility for every individual dog owner to protect their dog’s actions as well as they would their own children’s behaviors and consequences. So, with further researching, even if Pit Bulls are more dangerous in today’s society, they are not inherently dangerous. They are only dangerous because they are purposelessly trained as a breed to be dangerous. If Pit Bulls were banned, another specific dog breed or mix could be trained to be just as dangerous. We must as a society stop blaming the dog and start blaming the owner. When we take these dogs into our homes, it’s the responsibility to fulfill this breed’s instinctual needs. Once you give this breed, exercise, discipline, and affection this breed will happily return the

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