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Persuasive Essay Did you know that poetry as an art form may predate literacy? As a genre, poetry’s history places it at the forefront of literature. It appears in the earliest of writings- from the fragments of monoliths and religious books, to rune stones. *Poetry is important to the literature we read today because of its past influence. Poetry allows flexibility to the author because it does not have a specific topic. All of the genres are incorporated into poetry, because it can be fiction, historical, drama, or non-fiction. Often, a more figurative form of speech is involved in writing poems. There is greater symbolism and the meaning requires the reader to think. Robert Frost once said, “Poetry is what gets lost in translation.” By this he means poems don’t have to make sense to be beautiful. Poems vary from long stories, short haikus, one liners, and songs. The music that most cannot live without is lyric poetry. Lyric poetry is in the song you are listening to on the radio. Many people are drawn to music in their daily lives and evidence of song dates back thousands of years. Poetry began as oral tradition and as alphabets were formed poems were written down. It was told as different types of stories and that is why many find it appealing. Poetry allows flexibility for the author because it does not have a specific topic. Poetry has been affecting people’s lives for a very long time and is the most important genre in world literature because it is the earliest form. Everyone can write poetry. Everyone can relate and learn about it. You can write a poem and see for yourself. Poetry is not only the most fun to write; because it has no confines it is the most significant genre of world

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