Persuasive Essay: Pitbulls Should Be Banned

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Pit Bull Ban Stephanie G Speight BCOM/275 Quinton Murphy 16 July 2014 Pit Bull Ban Pit bulls have been getting a bad rap for years now. How can anyone claim, Petey, the beloved Little Rascal’s pup, or the RCA dog, Nipper, should be banned? There was over 16,000 murders in the United States in 2007. In that same year, 33 people were killed in dog attacks. Not all of those attacks were by pit bulls. People falsely identify pit bulls when, in fact, the dog was of mixed breed. Some states are putting bans in place to discriminate on the entire breed. We cannot label the entire human race as being evil because of those 16,000 murders. Why ban an entire dog breed because of a few bad owners? These bans are referred to a Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). They are a set of laws that ban residents of some cities from owning any dog that is considered a pit bull. Even if the dog looks like a pit, they are banned. Pit bulls are not the…show more content…
Many other locations are considering adding the legislation. Sadly, banning pit bulls will not stop dog attacks. Many opponents of the ban say the answer is to pass a law that targets vicious dogs of every breed instead of all dogs in a particular breed. Non-specific laws will be able to deal with Pit Bull Ban any dog that displays aggressive behavior based on the irresponsible behavior of a few dog owners. The 33 fatal dog attacks in 2007, most likely, could have been avoided had the dog owners acted responsibly. However, vicious dogs should not be allowed in a position where they are a threat to people. Pit bull bans are not the answer. The majority are gentle and loving dogs. References: Breed Specific Legislation. Anti Essays. Retrieved July 16, 2014, from the World Wide Web:

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