Persuasive essay on why the const. was so successful

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o whom this may concern, The United States Constitution is the oldest living constitution in existence and has been a role model for democratic institutions around the world. We may all ask why has it been so successful. Why? It restricted the powers of the government. It separated church and state, and was put in place so individuals could be free. It was supposed to correct the Articles of Confederation. The constitution created 3 branches of government and have equal power to each branch, so one couldn't over power another. The constitution of the United States was written to correct weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation. The articles were introduced in 1777 and this gave the power to individual states. The problem of the Articles of Confederation was that it limited the power to central government. This meant that the congress had no power to tax. The congress gave all the authority to the states over and left it with no power over the nations economic affairs. The main weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation are that it legislated for states but not for individuals. Congress had no power to tax or regulate trade. It lacked power to control commerce. And it was too difficult to change any of the articles. Then the Constitution was put into place 1787 to overthrow the Articles of Confederation. It has become much harder to establish a law/amendment. The Constitution put far more powers into Congress. It gave the congress power to tax, borrow coin money, regulate commerce and raise armed forces that were needed. Most of the power came in the expense of the states, which were no longer allowed to pass tariffs or issue money. The government got the right to declare state laws unconstitutional. But the Constitution did not leave the central government too powerful. They put internal and external restraints on the government. The Constitution

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