Persuasive Essay On The Perfect Union

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America has broken many chains and barriers thought of as impossible to break. One of President Barack Obama’s most inspiring speeches “The Perfect Union” touched the hearts of many Americans. I believe that this is the best campaign speech ever given in the United States because of the arguments he presents throughout the speech. President Obama urges,“ we need unity; racially charged at the time we need to come together to solve a set of monumental problems”(363-364) . He emphasizes the damage that racial division is causing to our society. The only way he feels Americans will get out of this hole they have dug themselves into is by coming together and becoming unified as a country by putting race aside. Frequently, throughout his campaign…show more content…
For example, Obama expresses that, “crumbling schools are stealing the future of black children and white children and Asian children and Hispanic children and Native children” (373). He identifies these variety of races to show that this problem do not merely affect one race, but it affects everyone. The concept of limiting possibilities for any child to grow and succeed in their future is something that is meant to catch any parents attention. He uses pathos as a strategy to hook adults and parents because they are able to have a personal connection with what he is saying. Near the ending of his speech President Obama tells a heart felt story of a young twenty- three year old girl, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was nine years old. As a result of missing so much work, the mother was fired and the health care she received from her employer was discontinued. As a result to make things easier for her mother she ate nothing but mustard and relish sandwiches because of its cheap cost. Obama’s health care plan is why this young girl decided to join his campaign, This particular story of a girls sacrifice to help her troubled sick mother has the ability to touch anyone’s heart. His selection of this story gives his audience the feel that he is willing to listen to what people have to say. Overall isn’t that what we all what,

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