Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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Persuasive Essay and Final Paper COM/172 Elements of University Composition and Communication II University of Phoenix With property values plummeting, renting seems to be the answer and the reality of the “American Dream.” I. What is the American dream II. What happened and why III. Why renting is more secure IV. What happens now l. What is the American dream For as long as anyone can remember, it was told that the American Dream was to get good grades, go to college, get a job, work hard, get married, buy a home, and raise a family. A Great Grandfather emigrates from Germany to give his family a chance in the new world. He probably came from a dirt poor family and his education probably ended almost as soon as it started as many like him left school to go work in the factory. Like so many in that time it was there that he met his wife. They get married at 16 and children soon follow. He decided he was going to bring his family to the new world. They end up in New York and once again he finds work in a factory but this time is different because they are in America, the land of the free it was so much more than they ever could have had back in the old country. A man works hard and he can have the American dream. He works hard and he vows they would never go back. He saved his earnings and buys a plot of land. He dies a young man, but not before he instills in his children a work ethic and so it was that the next generation drops out of school at an early age to go to work in the factories. He meets the love of his life, they get married young and soon he finds himself a family man He was now part of the greatest generation, those who lived

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