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The Rocky Peaks of Colorado Imagine waking up and walking outside to get your news paper on a mid summers morning and looking around at a vast landscape of nothing but mountains surrounding your town. This is what you are so privileged to get when you live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Now if you were to just walk out of your town you would be able to find countless trails leading you to overwhelming beauty. You’ll find waterfalls, hidden lakes that you could have never though would be so clear or even animals you didn’t think lived in Colorado. I hope that I will be able to convince you by the end of the day that the Rocky Mountains of Colorado hold some of the most beautiful and breath taking views imaginable. Wildlife may not be your thing but with all the different animals that you will see at any giving time you will soon fall in love each time you see any wild animal. Quiet often you will hear about mountain lions tearing through a neighbors trash or herds of bugling elks in their backyards, and you will say to yourself man why cant I ever see that or where was I when they were just a house away, well when you always least expect it you will find yourself as close as 10 feet away from…show more content…
This is called the Continental Divide. The Continental Divide runs across the tops of the Rocky Mountains from the boarders of Canada and Montana down along Idaho through Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico where it ends at the Mexico boarder . With everything said the Rocky Mountains are much more than just mountains. They have some of the most amazing wildlife, breath taking peaks, and holds a huge responsibility for America. I hope that one day all of you will be able to see first hand the Rocky mountain range and the beauties it

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