Persuasive Essay On Prop 34

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JUDGE-ment Day How much is life itself worth? According to since 1978 has total over $4 billion. Politicians took this in to though when preparing the November elections. While most focus on the presidential race and forget about the measures and propositions. One of most important of the propositions is Proposition 34 this focus on the death penalty yes on 34 is to repeal the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment without parole. People should vote yes to approve Prop.34 because it doesn’t provide closure for the families of the victims; two wrongs do not make a right. In addition it cost more to execute an inmate than life imprisonment. Although the prop 34 should be approved some individuals believe that the execution of the inmate will provide the closure the families need and it is…show more content…
But if surviving family members do not agree on the death penalty? Kathy Garcia an expert on traumatic grief whose nephew was murdered and who founded the Center for Traumatic Grief addresses this problem “When family members have differing views on capital punishment, the introduction of the possibility of a capital charge can split family members at the very time they need each other most. I know families who still do not speak to each other because of the wedge driven between them by fighting over that choice.” Families can be ruined in the time where family is most important. Like the public families have different thoughts on the death penalty dad says yes on the sentence mom says no when dealing with someone life is a very serious choice. Live or die how can anyone choose, the human nature of revenge kicks in and people say that they must die for what they did but on the other some people say if they die how does that make them any

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