Persuasive Essay On Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician-Assisted Suicide Imagined that you are living with a terminal illness, with no known cure and so much pain that you are unable to get out of bed, would you want to continue living this way? This is a question that thousands of people all over the world ask themselves every day and unless you live in a one of the three states in America, x, x, and x, your only choice is to live with this pain. The doctor will pump you full of pain medicines to try to make you comfortable, but life as you knew is gone. You are unable to work, visit friends and family, go for a walk or even go to the bathroom by yourself. You have come to the end of your journey of life and are ready for what is waiting for you in the next life. All that you can think about is ending your life in a dignified way, with your family by your side and an end to all of the pricking, probing, pain medicines and sleepless nights. The answer to your prayers of a not so tragic death is…show more content…
The Supreme Court has ruled that there is a difference between an individual refusing treatment and physician-assisted suicide (). When an individual refuses treatment they are asking to die of natural causes without any help from their doctors, like refusing medicine or having a feeding tube removed so that you starve to death. To me refusing treatment is a lot more inhumane, painfully and a horrendous way to die. If you have trained physician who knows how to end your life in a pain free, quick and dignified way, there is no reason to suffer through natural causes. In the United States Oregon, Washington and Montana have a Death with Dignity Act that allows physician

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