Persuasive Essay On Non Designer Babies

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Designer Babies are developing embryo's with specific trait's such as personal characteristics, gender and inherited disorders. Infants are created by genetic engineering combined with In vitro fertilisation in order to ensure the absence or presence of a particular gene. People agree with method's of designing babies to allow parents to have a child, prevent genetic genes or to create a baby that can provide genetic material for medical purposes. For those that are unable to have their own children due to genetic disorders or tending to reproduce, designer babies allow those parents the option to create an embryo which can change the genetic make-up of the embryo allowing these parents to conceive. Mothers would be able to conceive healthy…show more content…
Saviour children are selected base on their genetic makeup if their tissues are a match of the ill siblings. Is it right by creating a child to act as an organ-donating factory? How will the child feel having to be born just to lend spare parts when needed, they may feel unloved for being exploited. All children have a right to be cherished for themselves and not what they can do for others. The child's life can be controlled to turn them into someone they may not wish to be, by rights being abused. After examining these pro's and con's of designer babies, i believe it is acceptable to select embryos free of genetic disease, to protect the lives of children,gender balance a family, and to choose what you desire. Designer babies are a way for people to choose what they want, the freedom and privilege to modify your unborn child stands by self morals and your own

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