Persuasive Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age

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Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty one. People in general are always trying to enjoy their life, especially their free out of work time. The ways for people to please themselves vary and depend on an age group, gender, and upbringing and, in fact, on the individuality. One very common way for people to socialize and relax is nightlife, in other words partying and drinking with friends. Most college students enjoy drinking, which caused the issue on alcohol to become the most frequently talked about in public as at least half the students are still underage to drink. The issue of the minimum drinking age affects everyone from teenagers to adults and the government. The issue is widely known about but not accepted or debated by many openly. All the laws on accessibility of alcohol concern safety; the main issue is when the government feels that citizens are of a responsible age to drink. The discussion concerning the minimum drinking age divides people into three opinions: those who want to keep the minimum age at 21, those who want to lower the age and others who want to raise the age or prohibit alcohol in general. On one hand, the supporters of prohibition of alcohol till the age of 21 base their argument on the comparison with the times when the…show more content…
Everyone knows that what is forbidden becomes of a high interest. What the society gets are youth criminals with the minimum drinking age. College becomes a real and, what is more important, free world, where alcohol is readily at teenagers’ disposal. Pete Coors, former CEO of Coors Brewing Co., says that the country did fine with an 18 year old drinking age and that lowering the age back down could actually teach teenagers more responsible drinking (Dr. Szkupinsky ,

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