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Havasu or Jacksonville The quest for a grand place to retire when I reach that ripe old age has been concluded. Lake Havasu City, Arizona is a superior city to live in then the rain infested Jacksonville, Florida because there are virtually no natural disasters, the environment is much more pleasant, and the seasons are more tolerable. Generally speaking the year round pristine sunny city of Lake Havasu is by far the better choice to live and one day retire. Lake Havasu City is by far the best place to retire if someone enjoys sunshine all year round without having to worry whether or not to bring an umbrella. For example that means no disastrous hurricanes to worry about or having to deal with all the fears about having to stock pile food and board up houses because there…show more content…
Once done with a shower, don’t step outside until fully dried off with a blow dryer otherwise one will never dry off. The humidity makes moisture stick to the body and don’t even think about sweating. If sweating does occur, it won’t help cool the body off because it can’t evaporate in the moisture concentrated air. This humidity will make the hair frizzy so don’t move here frizzy haired folk. In spite of having four seasons in Jacksonville it gets to cold. Thirty nine degrees in the morning is way too cold and having to defrost windows takes too much time. With these seasons come that time change and having to worry about whether to set the clock ahead or behind. Going to be late or early for an appointment sounds like a great surprise anyone would thoroughly enjoy. In other words seasons just aren’t that cracked up as most people think. Clearly Lake Havasu City is the better choice between these two cities. Lake Havasu City has virtually no natural disasters, the environment is much more pleasant, and the seasons are more tolerable when compared to Jacksonville. In the end living in Lake Havasu City will prove to be the better

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