Persuasive Essay On Juveniles

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Should juveniles who have been physically, mentally, and sexually abused be handed adult sentences for retaliating? We need to look at exactly what influences children to commit heinous crimes. Mentally ill patients should be cared for as mentally ill patients, not criminal offenders. The mentally ill need an alternative to the prison system. Justice has evolved a great deal, especially when the death penalty is involved. It is cruel and unusual punishment to end such young misguided lives. Justice has come such a great deal over the years, yet has it come far enough? When we think of children, juveniles, things such as murder, death row, and life without parole usually do not come to mind. Should we hold juveniles responsible for the wrongful decisions that they make at an early age? Is the death sentence…show more content…
The most disturbing was not the fact that percentages of juvenile offenders are being sent to supermax and are locked up 23 hours a day. Nor those legislators that give life do not care about rehabilitation for these damaged children. What was is that politics truly do over rule justice. Crime is a political issue. The District Attorney’s Office charging these juveniles and taken the rights away from Judges. The fact that we do not have a juvenile justice system, that we have 51 separate juvenile justice systems. People should rethink the fact that children are children and need to be dealt with as so. The New Asylums The New Asylums was even more alarming than five children doing adult time. The mentally ill do not want or ask to be sick. As with “When Kids Get Life”, we are filling our jails and prisons with people unable to make conscience mature decisions. Why are there so few mental facilities? Was it not thought out, where would all of these patients go and what would they
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