Persuasive Essay On Junk Food

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You stand in the lunch line waiting to get something to eat. Then you see all of your favorite candy treats are gone! Where did they go? Many schools now are starting to take out the sweet treats from the cafeteria and adding in more healthy foods. As you know, many schools sell junk food at lunch. Students may enjoy a sweet treat during the school day. Others are thinking differently that the junk food should be kicked out and replaced with healthier foods. Even though a healthier lunch program would be expensive and take some time to get used to, schools should use it. Providing students unhealthy foods can lead to obesity, it can cause early unhealthy habits; and students should have enough time to eat these healthy foods at lunch. The…show more content…
Yes, it is up to student's parents what they want their children to eat. Parents want their children to eat healthy, but with unhealthy foods at school that possibly cannot happen. If junk food is provided then some students may be tempted to eat it. If it is provided everyday then it could lead to bad habits. The CDC publishes a report called MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report). In a 1996 report entitled “Guidelines for School Health Programs to Promote Lifelong Healthy Eating”, teaching as well as providing children with knowledge of nutrition in schools can help to enhance their choices of food intake which can impact their mind development, health, and altogether growth. Gaining unhealthy eating habits can have almost immediate effects, including undernutrition, obesity, and iron deficiency (anemia). Many effects can lead to trouble learning in the classroom. The healthier food program’s goal in schools is to get kids into healthy eating habits before bad ones set in. So they may have a successful eating life as an adult. It stands to reason that if junk food stays in schools it cannot have a great effect on students’

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