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Gianna Benevides, Morgan Sherburne, and Kelsey Coleman Ms. Roye British Literature 9 April 2015 James Island Here on James Island we live by the slogan, “Want what you have, not have what you want”. Everyone on the island is there by choice; a choice to lead a simplistic, mindful life. We are agriculturally based and grow our own organic food on the island. Every Sunday, a farmer’s market is held for civilians to stock up on necessities. For emergencies, a minimart is open every day of the week. Clothing is sold and made by local seamstresses. As for the items we are unable to produce ourselves, goods are imported weekly from Rhode Island. Once a week yoga is mandatory. However, a majority of people go every day. The people of James Island are clear-minded and relatively stress- free. No one is better than another. Upon arrival at James Island, you are given a house, a boat, and then either a surfboard, paddle board, or kayak. Every house is the same size, and the…show more content…
Any sign of segregation of discrimination against another person is enough to have you put on trial. Major crimes, such as murder, automatically result in exile. As far as minor crimes, like stealing, you are given two warnings before exile. No technology is permitted on our island besides a television and a house phone. However, if deemed necessary for school or work, the council will grant you a computer. By not keeping up with modern age technology, our civilians are further motivated to make productive use of time and to have face-to-face interaction with one another, versus staring at a screen. Finally, no motorized vehicles are allowed on the island; other than those used by the police or fire department. On James Island bicycles are our main source of transportation, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. As mentioned prior, people may also use boats, surfboards, paddle boards, or kayaks to get from place to

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