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I remember the first NHL game I went to. The crowd was ecstatic every time someone got laid out or a scrap broke out. The feeling I had in that arena was surreal. If violence and fighting was taken away, so would the feeling of warmth and bliss you get from moments like that. With violence and fighting in a hockey game the game is better to watch. I can tell you this because I’ve played in both non-contact and contact hockey. Watching as I played contact hockey, the crowds of people who watch the games get more involved and cheer more than if you play non-contact as they just gently sit down and say “yay go get that puck it’s alright if you lose” while in contact there is no thought of losing only the determination to win and get to that puck first. Hockey is a sport that needs violence and fighting to please the crowds. One of the most well recognized players on twitter is biznasty2.0 a.k.a Paul Bissonnette. Paul is a…show more content…
Now you may be saying something like there is no way it relives tension but that’s were your wrong. If you’ve ever played hockey and seen someone “accidentally” Trip your best player while he is on a breakaway and he gets hurt then you’d know how tense and mad people get. After this occurrence in the NHL the announcers normally say something like “You could cut the tension in the air with a knife”. If this happens during a game the teammates will try and protect their star player and become very edgy and aggressive unless the player who hurt their teammate and friend gets his just reward of a few knuckle sandwiches. After everything has calmed down the team who lost their teammate would be more relaxed and relived knowing that the player who hurt their friend wouldn’t do that again. This tension can also lead to stress. Stress if enough is accumulated can become very deadly. Stress can caused heart attacks which can lead to

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