Persuasive Essay On Cyber Security

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vInternet security is the biggest threat that we face when surfing the internet. Many of us have lost alot of money because of this problem. This is because our internet security protocol is extremely siloed and AntiViruses can't keep up with the different decentralized attacks from all these different hackers around the world who break through these siloed, anti-virus software systems. What I have for you today is a company that's trying to solve that problem by decentralizing the antivirus system. Polyswarm is aiming to do that decentralizing and making the internet safe for you to surf again. How We Can Reset the Incentives so That Cyber Security is Incentivized To be Fixed We have a giant supply and even a surplus of security, hackers and experts in cyber security. What happens with these surplus is that there's not enough jobs to go around. This is why they turn to blackhat hacking as a way to make money. Now, what Polyswarm is doing is partially solving and giving a solution to…show more content…
What's great about code is the fact that it's not like a language where everyone speaks a different language. It has people in US, Singapore, Africa, Germany and Asia who are all working together to reap the rewards of these bounties to solve these problem. Why Polyswarm is The Next Big Thing We all know that most antivirus softwares have complications. Polyswarm brings a possible better solution to this problem that we've all just learned to deal with. The other benefit of using Polyswarm is that even the layman is going to reap the rewards. People that know nothing about cybersecurity, will just have this amazing upgrade that they won't even notice they're getting. This is just an essential part of life that's going to be a big change. The Team of

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