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5 paragraph essay Waking up in the mornings at four getting dressed in your hunting gear surely puts you in the mind set of true outdoors men. When you wake up at four in the morning you don’t seem to want to have much to do with anything that early. When you get ready and heading out to the stand the mind set of that of shooting that “trophy buck” is all that occupies your mind. You are absolutely concentrated and do not let your mind stray away from your one and only goal. I’m almost 100% positive that bow hunting is one of the harder and more physically and mentally challenging sports. With rifle hunting the challenge seems so much easier to somebody that has been bow hunting for most of their life. The challenges between these two types…show more content…
To build up those muscles you need to practice. When practicing I just mark of 10, 15 and 20 yards in my back yard. I shoot into a block target using just field points not broadheads as if I was hunting. Unlike hunting you usually don’t get a second shot if you happen to miss. If you shoot once you are almost guaranteed not to get another shot on that same deer, it takes way longer for an archer to reload his bow then it would for a gunman to reload his gun for a second shot. That raises the challenge level so much more to put a good shot on it because there may not be that second chance. If using a bow you will agree that the challenge is so much great with a bow then it is with a gun. Although presented with all of this information one would think that bow hunting is the ultimate challenge. Have so much adrenaline you cant stop your body from shaking, the thrill of shooting something within 30 yards and gaining that different type of respect for that animal, and the challenge of getting that perfect shot on it because you know that there may not be another shot. There are all sufficient reasons why I think that bow hunting is a greater challenge then rifle hunting is. Why bow hunting is better than rifle hunting. You get more of an adrenaline (describe movements and details) seasons so much longer. You get more of a thrill shooting something within

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