Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Every 70 out of 100 animals are in testing labs world wide, and suffer every day in may ways inside the inhuman labs. As the tests are supposed to improve human product, there are many signs of animals cruelty, and mistreatment of the animals. After the tests are done the animals are killed because they have deforms, are sick, or have missing limbs due to the tests. All of animals are at risk during these procedures because of the products that are being used.. Although animal testing may help improve products that people use everyday,so no one can agree to the animal cruelty, deadly Procedures, and if the it is legal or illegal, all in the bettering of people’s ,and the animal’s lives. According to the American Society for Prevention of Animal Cruelty (ASPCA), the testing labs that the animals are being put…show more content…
and in the U.K. . People who are not registered for animal testing but want money are starting illegal testing labs in hidden places. For example Buster the dog was saved with 100 different animals by a good suvilian walking past an abandoned building in London. The good suvilian claimed to hear barks, meows, and other animal noises coming from the building. The sullivan looked for a way in but only found a door which was padlocked shut. Then he found a loose board next to the door that was able to be kicked in, inside the suvilian saw many animals in small cages as well as many machines and equipment. The man called the police and all of the animals we saved, none of them were tested on yet. Illegal labs are always kept hidden because the animals or product are not allowed in that general area. Here in the U.S each state has at least one to two hidden testing labs. The testing labs that animals are being put into are full of cruelty and harsh treatment, any animal does not need to be in that

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