Persuasive Essay On American Horses

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Driving down the road and looking to the left is a farm. In the front field horses are seen peacefully grazing. You continue on your way with no thought about those horses. You think there is nothing wrong, right? WRONG! Every year, approximately 100,000 American horses are slaughtered for human consumption. They are transported across the border to large slaughter facilities in Mexico and Canada and their meat is exported to Italy, Belgium, Japan and France. The horses are forced to suffer a long journey in packed cattle trailers. They go through days of extreme heat or cold with no food or water. These horses have no control over the long and painful death that is ahead of them. Where do these horses come from? If sold at an auction they may have…show more content…
The horses are almost dead by the time they get there. The horses are forced off the trailer with shockers. They are put into an empty pen where they must wait for their death. The screams of horses being torn apart is heard throughout the facility. The killers try and use a “fast process” to cut down on costs. So they do not properly kill the horse first. The horse is still alive and being hung upside down while they skin the horse. They unhook the horses, he crashes to the ground and might have broken a few bones. But they do not stop there, they continue by cutting the legs off. Throughout this process the horses finally die. I strongly believe they need to reopen the American Slaughter houses because the government regulated a timely, painless death for the horses. Sending unwanted horses to Mexico or Canada needs to stop. It is inhumane and wrong on so many levels. What is going through the minds of these beautiful creatures as they go through this process? It is hard to imagine. There has to be a way of euthanizing end of life and injured horses similar to the ASPCA for dogs and cats. The U.S slaughter industry for horses serves that

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