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Muhammad Lockett Mr. Benton Civics 30 October 2011 When Mr. Benton allowed us to pick our states for this report, I wanted to choose a state that I knew little about. So I chose Alaska. And I have learned so much. Allow me to elaborate and tell you all some of the things I leaned. Alaska is America’s 49th state, and was admitted to the union on January 3, 1959. However, America did not discover or own Russia first. A Dutch explorer named Vitus Bering (who was working for Russia) and a Russian explorer named Alexei Chirikov discovered the Alaskan mainland and the small islands called the Aleutian islands which are a part of Alaska in 1741. The term “Aleutian” comes from the Aleut natives that were indigenous to Alaska along with many other…show more content…
procuring the territory of Alaska. Many people gave it the nickname of “Seward’s Folly” or “Seward’s Icebox” because they felt as though Alaska was nothing more than a barren wasteland. They thought that nobody would come there and that it was just one big, giant mistake or folly. But soon this was proven to be false. As 2010, Alaska has a population of 710,231 people. The town of Seward, Alaska has a population of 3,016 people. Does the name Seward ring a bell? Well, if you’ve been paying attention then you would remember that Seward was the name of William Henry Seward, the man who purchased Alaska as a territory in 1867. William Henry Seward has many things in Alaska named after him such as streets, peninsulas, mountains and more. He even has his own holiday! Seward’s Day is a state holiday that commemorates the signing of the Alaska Purchase Treaty on March 30, 1867 and it is held on the last Monday in March. When Alaska came into the union it entered as a democratic state but in recent years it has been recognized a more Republican state. The current governor, Sean Parnell and the last two governors have all been Republican. As a matter of fact, the first governor of the Alaska Territory in 1884, John Henry

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